Hello! I’m Jane

Here at Goosepig I’ve been re loving unhappy furniture and creating beautiful things in my little cowshed workshop in Hertfordshire since 2016 although my creative roots go back over 30 years! I started back when I was 12 or 13 and used to buy old picture frames from car boot sales or charity shops and decorate them with wrapping paper and allsorts. (upcycling even back then. I was waaay before my time ha ha!) A friend of the family suggested I try to sell them and now I have fond memories of my Dad dropping me off at various craft fair venues with a pile of boxes of things to sell, along with a float, lent to me by my Mum, stashed away in an old margarine tub!

I firmly believe that pretty much anything can be made useful or beautiful again, whether that be updating furniture, making a coat rack from scrap wood or a shelf from reclaimed scaffold planks.

I also like to do my bit for this lovely little planet of ours by saving some of the old and unloved furniture from going off to landfill simply because they’re brown and boring or a lovely shade of 80’s orange pine. A lot of these were made to last by real craftsmen, by painting them, I can ensure their wonderful work lives on and by painting your furniture too, we are saving family pieces and preserving memories.

I like to use eco friendly products wherever possible and both stock and use Autentico Paint. This, along with oodles of painting skills and techniques learned over the years means that I can fulfill Goosepig’s aim of brightening up your world whilst saving a bit of it too.

……That name though? Goosepig was the nickname of one of the dogs! Sadly no longer with us, Roxy made the most bizarre noises when she got excited at something. She sort of honked and oinked all at once earning her the moniker of The Goosepig. I was trying to come up with a name for the business at the time and wanted something that people would remember if nothing else, so, I pinched her new name and Goosepig Interiors was born!

Do take a little peruse around the website, or if you’re nearby pop in and have a browse, I look forward to meeting you.

Jane x

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